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OpenFOAM Two-Day Course

OpenFOAM CFD software training in Ottawa Feb 21–22, 2017

If you are into or just curious about fluid flow modeling, a 2 day training course will be offered at the University of Ottawa February 21–22.
This is for the open source code OpenFOAM.

Please see the attached flyer (here)

von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics

37th Advanced CFD Lecture Series

December 9–12, 2013

Computational methods with order of accuracy higher than two have become an important subject of research in CFD, and the perspective of applying them in an industrial aeronautical context is investigated both in Europe (e.g. in the IDIHOM project) and in the US. This lecture series focuses on the technologies that are necessary to make higher order discretization schemes for turbulent high Reynolds number compressible flow really efficient and robust: discretization methods based on Discontinuous Galerkin (DG), Spectral Difference (SD), Spectral Volume (SV), Reconstruction Finite Volume (FV) and Residual Distribution (RD); error analysis and goal oriented error estimation (using adjoint equations) combined eventually with hp-multigrid and hp-adaptive meshes; grid generation for curved boundaries in high Reynolds number applications; implementation aspects of turbulence modelling and High Performance Computing. Special emphasis is put on industrial applications in the area of steady and unsteady aerodynamics including RANS turbulence modelling (Spalart Allmaras, EARSM) and resolution of turbulence (LES, ILES, DNS). Achievements, weaknesses and perspectives for future research will be critically evaluated.

The course is oriented towards both junior and experienced engineers and researchers involved with CFD algorithm and code development. This implies that the course will be a balanced mix between introductory and advanced lectures.

The Directors of the Lecture Series are Prof. H. Deconinck of the von Karman Institute and Prof. R. Abgrall from INRIA (Bordeaux). The lecturers are top experts from both Europe and North America.